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Control Performance Monitoring

Improve Control Asset Performance to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Leverage technology to drive performance improvement.

Leverage technology to drive performance improvement.

Tools and metrics for process performance.

Tools and metrics for process performance.

Learn how a paper company lowered steam costs by 50%

Learn how a paper company lowered steam costs by 50%
Find out now!

Generating new business value requires action and no company knows that better than Honeywell. Honeywell is renowned for supporting industry-leading research in the areas of performance monitoring and fault detection, but it is our continuing focus on best practices and collaborative work flow technology that has transformed passive monitoring into a critical business process.

For over 20 years, Honeywell has taken control asset performance seriously. We provide our clients with a complete solution for success, focusing on excellence in the following areas:

  • Industry-leading research: learn about the NSERC-Matrikon-ASRA Industrial Research Chair in Computer Process Control
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  • Vendor-neutral software, created within our Microsoft Gold Certified partnership program and backed by the Windows Workflow Foundation Standard for Collaborative Workflow Technology
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  • Control Asset Performance Monitoring services that allow Honeywell experts to get inside your plant, implement your strategies with your own teams, and help you understand and make the most of your software
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Control performance monitoring solutions provide the following:

  • Identify, Improve and Sustain Control Performance With One Product
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  • Automated Step Testing & Model Identification
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  • A New Era in Control Loop Tuning and Optimization
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  • APC Design, Development, Simulation & Implementation
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  • APC Monitoring and Assessment
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A well designed and implemented control performance management strategy will improve overall process stability, increase throughput, improve product quality and reduce maintenance costs — all without additional capital investments or IT infrastructure.

Get started today with Honeywell.

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