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Download Free: Demystifying the Intuition Semantic Model

Data in today's enterprise lives in silos. The historian speaks a different language than the ERP system which speaks a different language than the maintenance system and so on. If an effective operations intelligence solution requires pieces of information from each of these systems, how do we do it?

Download this whitepaper to find out more about how semantic models are more suited for supporting an 'ecosystem' of data:

  • You can create a virtual data warehouse that spans multiple data silos, leaving the data as is. (Better known as “data federation”.)
  • You can embrace standards without starting from scratch by creating  a layer on top of the native data source and re-shaping it into a standard model. You can then create dashboards, reports, and other visualizations that meet ISA-95, ISO-15926, MIMOSA, or other standards.
  • Whether a vehicle that is part car or part truck is called a "Ranchero," an "Ute" or an "El Camino."

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